Sperm EPI
Kit to asses neutral alpha-glucosidase in semen

The bulk of the alpha-glucosidase activity in semen, and more particular that of its neutral iso-enzyme (neutral alpha-glucosidase), depends on secretion by the epididymis.

In patients with azoospermia and normal androgen levels in peripheral blood, neutral alpha-glucosidase activity in semen plasma is a reliable marker of the epididymal contribution to the ejaculate.

Low neutral alpha-glucosidase activity in seminal plasma of patients with oligozoospermia may reflect partial obstruction of the epididymides, associated with infections or inflammatory disease.

Enzyme activity in patients with normal sperm concentration is correlated with the result of the Shorr-stain of midpiece and tail, reflecting changes in cell membrane, induced by epididymal secretion.